About R. S. Howell

My Story

I grew up in the hills of Kentucky and doing so taught me how to seek adventures through my imagination. I have always adored fantasy. Some of my greatest memories involve the many hours I would spend just playing with my friends outside, in the hills or valleys and roleplaying the video games we often played. We were LARPing long before we understood what it actually was.

My love for fantasy grew when I was introduced to the wonderful works of J. R. R. Tolkien. Reading the words he had weaved on his pages, helped me to escape to a world of remarkable adventure and I wanted to give that to others, if I could.

I also drew inspiration from Dungeons & Dragons. At first, I was a player, creating a character who would live a life of adventure. From there developed a spark that enticed me to crate my first campaign. I developed a world of mystery, filled it with characters for my friends to interact with, created lore, and watched as they traveled through the land unlocking all the secrets it held.

I wanted to share with the world the imagination I was engaging my friends in. So, I began putting it down on paper. I just wanted to do for others what the great J. R. R. Tolkien did for me, so many years ago. Bring joy.

Meet R. S. Howell

 March 23 – 26 2023

Lexington Comic & Toy Convention – Lexington, KY.

Going to be setting up to meet & greet. Come say hi. See you there.